Agriculture or farming provides the basis of human and livestock existence on the planet earth. As far as its meaning is concerned, it is derived from Latin word ‘ager’ meaning land while ‘cultural’ meaning cultivation. So the cultivation of land or field is called as farming.

However, without including the livestock, the word ‘agriculture’ cannot be addressed completely. This is because, not only land is used for rearing livestock, but also land is cultivated for growing food for the livestock, which in turn provide us with several food and shelter items like, milk, meat, skin etc. Summarizing, farming is the art and science of cultivating land and rearing livestock for its ultimate consumer i.e. the man.

Agriculture as a sector is a vast field. Unlike the general perception that exists among the masses that farming is merely cultivation of crops, this sector covers dynamic and broad spectrum of practices that constitutes it. To simplify, agriculturists divide the agriculture sector broadly into 14 branches. These include;

Branches of Agriculture

  1. Agricultural Business Management
  2. Agricultural Economics
  3. Agricultural Engineering
  4. Agricultural Extension
  5. Agronomy
  6. Animal Husbandry
  7. Entomology
  8. Food Technology
  9. Forestry and Management
  10. Horticulture
  11. Plant Breeding and Genetics
  12. Plant Pathology
  13. Plant Protection
  14. Soil Science is a platform to learn agricultural sciences under one roof. It covers almost all the aspects and branches of agriculture so that students, researchers, job seekers and learners can add more knowledge in their existence bank of knowledge.

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