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Introduction and Career in Food Technology

Introduction and Career in Food Technology

How to Become a Food Technologist?

Initially, a bachelor degree in food technology is needed to be declared as a food technologist. However, to become a food scientist, a more rigorous research based degree is required at masters and PhD level. There are more specialized degrees now being offered by numerous universities all-round the globe. These are;

  • Food Chemistry
  • Food Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Human Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Food Toxicology
  • Food Nanotechnology
  • Food Engineering
  • Food legislation

Job Opportunities for Food Technologists

A bachelor degree can help you earning a reasonable job. However, with the Master level degree equipped with a research component open new avenues for a food technologist. A research oriented degree has more value for a food technologist as compare to other branches of degree.

Below is the detail of some job options available for a food technologist.

  • Food technologist in public and private agencies.
  • United Nations Development Program (UNDP)
  • Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations (FAO)
  • World Food Program
  • Food manufacturing companies
  • Scientific laboratory technician in research labs
  • Quality Manager in public and private agencies
  • Food Inspector
  • Product/process development scientist
  • Teaching at under-graduate and graduate level.
  • Policy making job in government institutions.
  • Nutrition expert.
  • Food Engineer
  • Food Safety and Health Manager

P.S. This is not a complete list. Comments are welcome below to highlight other job opportunities available for a food technologists.

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Introduction Food technology, yes the most favorite branch of female under-graduates to join. May be the trend differs in your country, but here in Pakistan, females of my batch and now my agriculture students are crazy to join this branch of agricultural science. In the agriculture degree program, Food Technology is consider as a premium specialization subject. If you are pursuing a career in agriculture, Food Technology is a good option. There was a time a decade ago when I had to choose a subject to specialize among many others (horticulture, soil science, plant pathology, agriculture extension, agronomy etc.) at…

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