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List of Fruits Best for Container Gardening


For those having interest in urban gardening and love for having fresh fruits and vegetable in every meal, should try new and innovative container gardening ideas at home garden. Trying and Investing in new container gardening ideas requires minimal investment of time and money and can be grown in your backyard or kitchen garden. Believe me, the repay is organic and delicious harvest of fruits and vegetables. Keeping this in view, this article will discuss list of fruits that can be grown in a container of your home garden.

Below is the list of fruits which can be grown quite easily in a container as contradictory to common belief that they need and wide and deep soil to grow and produce fruits. Growing fruits in a container is one of the best container gardening ideas practiced globally.  


Strawberry is the most popular fruit among children and adults due to its attractive heart shape and delicious taste. This makes it on the top of the list of fruits that can be grown in a container of home garden.

Strawberry belongs to a class of herbaceous variety which is highly productive and luscious fruit. As it is one of the most delicate fruit, so it requires extra care and need proper environment, water and soil pH levels to fruits properly.

Strawberries are the best plants to grow in containers and they thrive well indoors so one can have fresh strawberries all year long. They need sufficient sunlight. When kept indoors, the pot can be kept next to a window.

In addition to this, they can grow in alkaline soil which is fertilized prior to planting. Water the strawberries frequently until the plant grow roots and treat the plant with insecticide and fungicide to prevent any kind of infestation and fungal growth.


Watermelons ranks second in the list of fruits that can be grown in containers of home garden. Gurus of gardening, and especially those who practice innovative container gardening ideas astonished millions of people by growing watermelons in a container few years back.  

It is an establish fact now that watermelons are one of the best fruits to plant in containers and they flourish well indoors also. To make the whole process more easy, it’s better to use self-water container, which is the perfect option because after all, watermelons need plenty of water.

As, all types of melons are warm-weather crops. So they need sufficient light and heat source. It should be ensured to provide them sunlight everyday or the container is kept at a spot that is near to the window.


Tomato is the fruit of every season. If one loves to grow tomato, but doesn’t have plenty of room and want to have a fresh supply all-round the year, then innovative container gardening ideas can solve this problem.

Tomatoes flourish optimally in container. The container should be large enough which is covered by a cage on the outside to provide extra support when the plant gets taller as tomato plant tends to extend vertically.

Growing tomatoes in a container of home garden can be a bit of a challenge as it requires consistent amount of water, just to keep the soil moist but not wet. Also, it’s crucial to feed them fertilizer and keep in sunlight for at least of 6-8 hours, which is the optimum amount of light and heat needed to grow. Tomato has proved a best companion in home garden. This allows it to grab a place in my list of fruits for container gardening.


Among many container gardening ideas, growing Bananas in a container is surprising, right!  Well if it is, then you should give it a try, as Bananas are proved good producers of fruit in containers.

The basic requirement for banana in container of your home garden is a large and spacious container. Similarly, it requires tropical environment to grow and is fairly easy to grow among other backyard fruit plants.

On the other hand, it needs proper and consistent climate conditions, a lot of water because of its huge leaves, enough of sunlight and moist soil mixture with an alkaline pH. In addition, banana plant needs to be fertilized at least once a month to get best produce. So if anyone preparing his/her list of fruits for container gardening, Banana should be included.


Last in my list of fruits for container gardening in home garden is Pomegranate. I reserved my favorite and best fruit for last. When i was thinking about innovative container gardening ideas 2 years back, Pomegranate stroked my head at once. The reason was simple. It is easy to get fruits of Pomegranate in a container because of its shallow root system as compare to other large fruit trees, perhaps it is easier to grow.

From medical perspective, it is rich in iron. In addition to the fruit, its juice is even healthier. It thrives well in plenty of sunlight; require regular water and fertilizer in given every 2 week time. Providing with these pre-requisites will result in scrumptious and succulent fruit.

I hope this list of fruits has sparked several other container gardening ideas in your mind. Don’t forget to share your ideas in comment section below. Cheers.

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List of Fruits Kids Can Grow at Home


Growing your own food and especially fruits at home is an adventurous and marvelous activity. It is such kind of activity in garden and home that strengthens the family bond. If practiced by the family members together, then there is no better project that is super-fun as well as entertaining that provides a positive learning of new skills for both kids and adults. I receive many queries daily requesting to provide list of fruits that can be grown easily at home. So I decided to write about it. It should be noted that the harvested fruits at home bring more taste and love as compare to those purchased from shopping malls and markets.

Family farming is idyllic in garden and home. However, most people feel bit nervous at start by the fear of possible procedural complexities that might arise which can result in failure and a daunting experience if their initial attempts are not fruitful. 

Needless to say, learning the skill of growing fruits at home always benefit the families, especially kids for the rest of their lives. This also motivates them to eat more of the good and healthy food rather than fuelling their bodies with all the junk and carbonated food and drink items. At parental end, they should have list of fruits easily grown by kids. This will not only make them busy in a positive and constructive activity but also usage of junk items will be reduced.  

In addition to learn the skills of growing fruits at home, involving kids in garden and home farming is a great tool of excitement. It is also an excellent learning method which teaches kids with a sense of responsibility, cooperative learning, making them calm, patient and inspire them to plant fruits by themselves.

Nevertheless, after doing all the hard and meticulous work by your kids to produce scrumptious and bounty of fresh and organic fruit, you also have the option to preserve them as dried fruits for a yearlong supply of healthy and nutritious food for your children.

This article discusses list of fruits that are easiest to plant and grow in garden and home. This list of fruits also can also be regarded as a benchmark for kid’s family farming activity.

  • Tomatoes

First item in my list of fruits that should be grown in garden and home is Tomatoes. Tomatoes are the easiest to plant and manage even for the kids. The plant grows at a fast pace among all other kinds of fruit plants. This makes it an ideal fruit for kids to grow in garden and home, especially the bush variety such as ‘cherry cascade’ that can be planted in hanging baskets. Even as an adult and hobby, if you are planning to grow fruits at home, tomatoes should be prioritized in the list of fruits.

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