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An Introduction to Farm Machinery


Introduction of farm machinery in farming has created wonders to cater the needs of exploding population of the world. The crop production has now become much more efficient and farming practices have become faster just because of utilization if farm machinery.

Since the introduction of farm machinery, there have been continues researches to make them more powerful, less time consumable, energy efficient etc. The work of almost 20-30 men is now competed by one man using farm machinery.

Due to inventions of so many machines, performing different tasks, it is necessary to group them for easy classification and understanding. Following table classify different farm machines based on the kind of work or operation they perform in the field.

S. No. Farming Operation Farm Machinery Used
1 Chopping and Burying Rotary Hoes and Trash Cultivators
2 Compactors Culti-Packers and Rollers
3 Crop Handling Flexible Hoes, Augers, Chaff Cutters, Hammer Mills, Driers, Corn Shellers, Seed Graders, Elevators etc.
4 Dairying Separators and Milking Machines
5 Deep Penetration Sacrifiers, Deep Tillers, Chisel Ploughs and Subsoil Ploughs.
6 Digging Out Deep Sacrifiers and Cane Grubbers
7 Digging, Turning and Burying Disc Ploughs and Mould Board Ploughs
8 Earth Moving Laser Land Levelers, Bulldozers, Loaders, Scoops, Trench Diggers, Graders, Front End Loaders etc.
9 Fertilizer Spreaders Liquid Ammonia Drills, Rotary Spreaders and Direct Drop Spreaders
10 Harvesting All Type of Harvesters for Crops, Fruits and Vegetables, Balers, Pickup Balers, Reapers and Blinders, Ensilage Machines, Headers and Hay Making Machines.
11 Irrigation Fixed Sprays, Center Point Irrigators, Travelling Irrigators, Sprinklers, Pumps etc.
12 Loosening and Weeding Spike Harrows, Disc Harrows, Rod Weeders, Cultivators, Hoes, Tillers etc.
13 Mowers Rotary Blade Movers and Flail Mowers
14 Prime Movers Tractors
15 Sowing Seed Broadcasters, Seeders, Drills, Trans-planters, Minimal Tillage Seeders etc.
16 Spraying Boom Sprays, Knapsack Sprays and Orchard Sprays.

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