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5 Reasons of crop Failure in Vegetable Garden

4 Generally Slow Growth

Another crop failure in vegetable gardening is the overall slow growth of the plants, which could be due to improper pH, infertile soil, cool weather, low light conditions, or poor drainage of soil. Its utmost vital for a plant to grow in a timely manner to provide optimum growing conditions.

5 Pin Holes in Leaves

Destroying of leaves is usually caused by flea beetles that attacks plant and form pin holes in leaves.  Crop damage is avoidable by spraying the crops with insecticides and pesticides.

To prevent vegetable garden failures, one must be well-focused and attentive while planting and growing crops. Without doubt, gardening is a gamble. Make it a fun and adventurous activity is in your hands with lots of surprises along the way. The best laid plans do go astray in the garden so it’s important to stay optimistic and flexible because success always outnumber crop failures in a well-kept garden.

Summing it up, home gardening is a healthy family activity as producing and eating those home-grown scrumptious and nutrient-rich foods can be utterly satisfying and rewarding.

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