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How to Grow Cherries from Seed

Step 4: Planting the Cherry Pits in Soil

Next step in how to grow cherries from seed, plant the refrigerator treated cherry pits into the soil of your garden and plant 2 to 3 pits almost ½ inch deep in the nutrient-rich moist soil. To keep the seed moist and warm, the planted area can be covered with a plastic bag until the pit complete germination process.

Make sure that your soil is well drained and have plenty of excess to sunlight. If you are planting the seed during cold weather, expect a delay in germination till upcoming spring season.

Step 5: Start Witnessing Growing Cherries from Pits

In a few weeks, the seedlings will appear to be growing. It is vital to take good care of the growing plant. Extreme care is needed to be given to the growing stem of cherry, as it is weak and prone to breakage. Similarly, the growing cherry plant has more demand for nutrients at this stage along with adequate supply of water and light.

In case, you have planted the cherry seeds in pot or container, once the plant have grown up to a height of almost 12 inches, then transplant the rapidly growing cherry tree to the open soil of your garden. This will ensure sufficient space for the cherry tree to flower and bore fruit. Does not seem so difficult now!

Step 6: Patience, Patience and Patience

Now that you have completed all necessary steps of how to grow cherries from seed, it’s time to sit tight and wait. After planting, you can expect the fruit in 7 to 10 years. However, if you have already a mature tree, grafting your own grown cherry plant will shorten the waiting period considerably.

Step 7: Few Tips While Growing Cherries from Pits

  • Germination failure rate is quite high in cherries. So it is advised to start growing cherry from number of seeds in one time.
  • It is not necessary that you will get the same tasty and juicy cherries from ‘seeds’ or ‘pits’ like you ate from the parent tree. This is because, the commercial growers use modern techniques of propagation and grafting their trees. So the cherries you eat are hybrid and it is difficult that you get the same taste from you own grown cherries. There is a fair chance that your cherries may taste bitter or if your luck works, they can taste even better.

Enjoy these scrumptious and sweet cherries in your breakfast, lunch or dinner with your family and friends as they not only provide abundant nutrients but also give a fresh and summer ambience in your home.

Happy growing and eating 🙂

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Introduction For all those cherry lovers out there, growing cherries from seed or to be more exact growing cherries from pits seems surreal and fascinating at the same time, when you can enjoy delicious home grown backyard cherries. How to grow cherries from seed seems a difficult task for most and for those, where crop fails to produce fruit in the initial attempt. This crushes all their confidence and excitement to procure this hobby in the first place. Those who have even a slightest bit of interest of growing cherries from seed at home, from where they can consume fresh,…

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