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Seasonal and Special Purpose Agriculture Crops
Seasonal and Special Purpose Agriculture Crops

Classification of Crop Plants in Agriculture: Seasonal & Special Purpose Crops

Special Purpose Classification

As evident from the name i.e. Special Purpose crops, these crops are grown with a particular purpose like to cover losses if some crop is failed or control pests through biological measures by growing trap crops etc. Below are some special purpose crops with examples that are grown in agriculture fields.   

1 Catch Crops

Catch crops are very important for the farmers in agriculture sector. These are also regarded as back-up plan for the growers. How? These crops are cultivated if the regular crop sown in the field fails. These are actually substitute crops for regular crops and sown late.

Also known as short season crops, a good example of catch crop is Millet. Vegetables are also good substitutes, if regular crop has failed, to cover maximum loss. Another purpose of catch crop is to prevent the minerals in the soil from being flash out.

2 Trap Crops

Trap crops are actually the sacrificial crops grown to control pests in agriculture fields. These crops are raised with a purpose to attract insects and pests and divert them from attacking the main crop. Nasturtiums, French Marigold, Chervil and Nettles are good examples of trap crops.

3 Silage Crops

Silage crops are the crops which are processed to make feed for the livestock. These crops are grown in regular fashion and then preserved in succulent conditions in a tight receptacle to conduct partial fermentation. Crops that are included in Silage crop group are Corn, Forage grasses, Legumes etc.

4 Cover Crops

Cover crops are grown in agriculture fields with a purpose to protect soil nutrients and prevent soil erosion. These crops have central importance in sustainable agriculture models. These are also specialized to manage water logging, weed and soil fertility problems and break the cycle of disease if any exists in the area.

These crops are also used as green manure. Important crops to exemplify cover crops are Alfalfa, Clover, Rye, Cow peas, and Soybeans.

5 Soiling Crops

Soiling crops are grown in agriculture fields with the purpose to ensure immediate food availability to livestock animals. These crops are not processed for any addition and fed to the animals in green form immediately after cutting. Maize, Oat, Peas and Sorghum are good examples of Soiling crops.  

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Introduction Like agronomic classification, crops are further classified into two categories based on season and special purpose for which they are grown. This kind of classification allows easy understanding of crops, characteristics and their use accordingly for the agriculture students and knowledge seekers. This article is the extension of the previous article that presented 10 crops based on agronomic classification. Before discussing each crop in seasonal and special purpose classification system, let’s get familiar with the names of crops in each category.  Agronomic Classification of Crops in Agriculture In Seasonal classification, crops are divided into 4 groups. These are; Rabi…

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