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Classification of Crop Plants in Agriculture: Seasonal & Special Purpose Crops

Seasonal Classification

This classification is followed extensively in agriculture systems of South Asian region especially in Pakistan and India. The classification is based on rainfall pattern and changing temperature.

1 Rabi Crops

Crops that are cultivated during the months of October to December are categorized as Rabi Crops. In other words, these are winter crops. The crops grown in Rabi season are harvested during the months of March to May. Lentil, Barley and Wheat are famous Rabi crops.

2 Zaid Rabi Crops

These are the late winter crops. Their sowing time period is between February and March. These crops are harvested in May to July. An important cash crop grown during Zaid Rabi season is Tobacco that earns good profit to farmers.

3 Kharif Crops

These crops are grown in summer season. In general, Kharif season crops are also called as early summer crops. These are sown during March to July. The harvesting time comes in the winter season. Common crops in this season are Rice, Cotton, Maize, Mash, Mong, Jawar, Sugarcane etc.

4 Zaid Kharif Crops

These crops are cultivated in summer season also. However, difference from Kharif crops is in their sowing time. These crops are sown during late summer in August and September. As these are sown late season, so the harvesting time also comes in late winter season i.e. December and January. Example of Zaid Kharif crop is Toria.

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