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Agriculture Crop Classification on Life Cycle Basis


Agriculture crop classification on life cycle basis is another method of classifying crops in agriculture. in this kind of classification, the crops are classified on the basis of the time they take to complete their life cycle. Some crops take short term period to complete life cycle from sowing to harvesting and some need two seasons to grow even some take years to complete their life cycle.

So agronomist has classified crops also on the basis of life cycle. There are mainly three classes of crops in agriculture bases on life cycle. These are;

  1. Annual Crops
  2. Biennial Crops
  3. Perennial Crops

Agriculture Crop Classification on Life Cycle Basis

Annual Crops

These are the crops that produce seeds at the end of their life cycle and complete their life cycle within one year are called as annual crops. Most important staple crops of the world belong to this class of agriculture.

Examples: Wheat, Rice, Maize etc.

Biennial Crops

The crops included in this class complete their life cycle during second season or year. During the first season, the crops show only vegetative growth. During vegetative growth, they reserve food in their roots and other parts underground in the soil. During second season of their life cycle, they start to show flowers and seed. During this stage, the reserved food of previous season is utilized to produce flower and seeds. These crops are biennials however they are treated as annuals so that they can remain fit for human consumption.

Examples: Carrot, Turnip, radish, onion etc.

Perennial Crops

These are long life crops. These crops complete their life cycle in two or more than two years. The Perennial crops may produce seed every year, still their life cycle comprises of two or more than two years. An advantage of this crop is that these crops have very long and extensive root system so they are helpful in eradicating erosion problem in soil.

Example: Sugarcane, perennial rice, perennial sunflower etc.

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