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List of Fruits Kids Can Grow at Home

  • Strawberries

Strawberries, the heart shaped love fruit for everyone globally, is the universal kid favorite fruit because of its sweet and tangy flavor. It is the easiest growing fruits for kids in garden and home that requires very less space. This enables it to secure second rank in my list of fruits for your kid cultivation activities.

Once cultivated, as soon as its plant start bearing fruit, particularly when they are grown in a pot or hanging baskets, this gives your home a distinctive and lively aura. In addition to this the fruit is a great treat for the eyes as well.

  • Blueberries

Third in the list of fruits is Blueberries. This variety of fruit requires low maintenance thus perfect for family farming in garden and home.  It is easy to grow because it requires a soil with acidic pH that can be achieved by watering the blueberries with rainwater instead of tap water.

Blueberry plant produce scented and attractive flowers which give eye-catching feel of autumn and winter colors. So while planning for cultivating fruits at home, blueberries should have space in your list of fruits.

  • Apples

Fourth in the list of fruits that can be grown in garden and home is Apple. Apples are everyone’s all-time favorite fruit. There are hybrid varieties that can be grown in container or pots by the kids. An apple tree when planted in a container provides with an option of growing 2 to 3 of its varieties on the same tree. This not only gives you different taste of fruits from same tree, but also it is perfect for portraying a divine look in your kitchen or backyard garden.

  • Raspberries

Last in my list of fruits is Raspberry. Its plants are pretty easy to cultivate and maintain and doesn’t require extra meticulous care. So they are optimal for your kids to learn farming activities at home. This fruit can be harvest from late summer to early autumn for a luscious and tempting dessert. Raspberries because of their appealing color and taste are ideal delight for kids.

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