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How to Dry the Herbs At Home?

Step 3: Using Plastic Bag to Dry Herbs

After clubbing herbs by using rubber band, place the herb bundle upside down in a bag, in which several holes are cut and gather the ends of the bag around the bundle in order to tie. Hang the bag upside down in a warm and airy room. This will allow the herbs to dry. It is crucial to monitor the development every week to ensure whether or not things are progressing as anticipated.

Microwave or Oven can be used to Dry Herbs?

Another method used for drying herbs is microwave or a low set oven. It may seem a convenient and speedy method. However drawback of this method is that; it diminishes the flavor and oil content. By using microwave, the herbs get cooked instead of drying gradually. So I would suggest avoiding this method or using it only as a last resort.

The dried herbs obtained from the steps discussed above will provide you with perfect spices. Enjoy your dried herbs in every season by storing in small airtight containers or zippered plastic bags for later use. It is best to use them within a year. After a year time period, the herbs will start losing the charm, aroma, color and flavoring.

There is nothing parallel to urban gardening. It has proved to be an outstanding notion in growing excellent quality of food ranging from fruits, vegetables to herbs and even medicinal herbs can be grown in your vegetable garden. If these skills of drying the herbs have been mastered, then you have reached the pinnacle of urban gardening.

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