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Principles of Agricultural Extension

Principles of Agricultural Extension

3 Implementing the Education

The importance of agricultural extension lies on its implementation. If the farmers are only getting education and are not applying it on the fields, then all the efforts will go in vain. Agriculture extension is not merely providing the information to the farming community. The extension workers should encourage farmers to bring about positive change in their attitudes of dealing with farming activities.

In addition to this, agricultural extension officer should motivate farmers not only to learn new and innovative art of doing farming but also to help neighboring farmers to get collective social benefits.

4 Encouraging and Utilizing Indigenous Talent

Without involving and utilizing the local talent of an area, no extension program can get success. The term ‘indigenous talent’ here includes the local elders/leaders of a community and the educated youth. Before starting any extension program in an area, contacting and taking into confidence the elders or leaders of a society should be the prime focus of the agricultural extension officer.

The second step should be using the participatory approach by involving youth of the society. They should be taught about the importance of agricultural extension and the extension program that is going to be started in their area. They should get familiar with the implementation phase and activities and the outcome of the program. This will increase the success of any extension program many folds.

5 Access of Extension Services in Remote Areas

Any agricultural extension service started by the government should be available to all farmers of any area of the country. Generally, it is observed that new technology reach less to remote areas due to which that farming community feels neglect.

Despite of deployment of agricultural extension officer in that area, it is a failure on the part of the department and government. Extension worker should contact farmers physically and intellectually. Meeting the farmers at their work place is optimal due to their busy schedule.

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Introduction Principles in any field of knowledge provide the foundation stone of laws and manners of carrying out research and development activities in a systematic way to achieve the desired goals and objectives. In agricultural extension, there are also certain principles on which the subject matter is based on. These principles guide the agricultural extension officer and service provider to work in an organized way to ensure smooth flow of agricultural extension service at the door step of farmers. By following these principles, the importance of agricultural extension increases many folds. The principles are; 1 Individuals are at Core of…

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