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Vermicomposting for Vegetable Garden
Vermicomposting for Vegetable Garden

How to do Worm Farming for Vegetable Garden?

How to Start a Worm Farm?

Building your own worm farm is quite easy. You can start your own worm farm in a compost bin, specially made for vermiculture. They are not expensive and last forever. Plastic container or a tub with a lid on it is used which is mostly large in size.

It is recommended to select the bin that is deep to allow multiple layering and easy movement of worms. Sometimes wood and metal containers are also used.

Compost Bin for Vermiculture

Compost Bin for Vermiculture

Next, there is a drainage hole in the bottom of the compost bin. Under the compost bin, there is another small container or a tray placed. The reason is to collect the fluid that drained into the below tray or container. This fluid is rich in nutrients and you can add it to your vegetable garden immediately.

Selecting Right Quantity of Worms in Compost Bin

As a normal human being, it is a basic instinct to choose more over less. However, I will recommend you to choose the quantity of worms wisely. As a rule of thumb, follow the table below for choosing right amount of worms for your compost bin in vegetable garden.

Compost Bin Size Quantity of Worms
15″h x 1.5’w x 2’l 1 lb.
15″h x 2’w x 2’l 1 lb.
15″h x 2’w x 3.5’l 2 to 3 lbs.

What do Worms Munch On?

In addition to the organic kitchen waste, my experience says that shredded paper which can be any such as newspaper, tissue paper, brown paper and yellow pages can be added into compost bin for worms to munch on. This should be dampened first in order to make a good thick bedding layer. Other than that, leaves, old cut grass, moss which is dead and other materials of plant will be perfect for worm composting.

Conditions Required for Worm Composting

In vegetable gardening, worms require moisten or damped environment to move and munch around. Worms don’t like heat or cold temperatures. 40-80 oF will be perfect for vermicomposting. Any deviation from this temperature will affect the activeness of the worms in your compost bin; they will become less active and munch slowly. Resultantly, you will get little or no compost for your vegetable garden.  

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Introduction Technically, worm farming is called as vermiculture or vermicomposting. It is a tremendous way to minimize food waste generated in your kitchen. This kitchen waste, which is organic in nature, is the source of food for the worms present in the soil. The organic waste is used by the worms as food. They decompose it into nutrient rich material. As this decomposing is carried out in the soil, the nutritious material made by the worms is readily available for the plant growth in your vegetable garden. How Worm Farming is Beneficial? Worm farming or Vermicompost plays a vital role…

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