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Classification of Crop Plants in Agriculture: Agronomic Classification

4 Root Crops

These are the crops that are grown to obtain their enlarged edible storage root to consume as food. These crops are cool-seasoned crops and hardy. These have long storage life. Interestingly, many of the crops in this agriculture crop group are unrelated to each other and belong to different families however, these crops share alike cultural requirements. Important crops in this group include Carrots, Turnip, Sugar Beet, Sweet Potatoes, Cassava, Beet Root etc.

5 Fiber Crops

Fiber crops are the crops that are grown for commercial purpose. These crops are rich in fibrous materials. Fiber crops are the input source for manufacturing textiles, rope, linen and paper products. The fibers are extracted from various parts of plants. Important fiber crop include Cotton, Hemp, Jute, Flax etc.

6 Tuber Crops

Tuber crops are those crops that have an enlarged nutrient storage organ. Technically, these organs are the source of energy for the plant to sustain in dry, harsh or cold weather and provide energy for regrowth in the next season. Renowned tuber crops include the Potatoes and Yam.  

7 Sugar Crops

Sugar crops are those crops that are rich in sugar substance. These are the natural source of sugars. Sugar is extracted from various parts of the plant including, roots, tubers and stems. Important cash crops belong to this group of agriculture crops. Good examples of sugar crops include Sugarcane, Sugar Beet, Sugar Maple, Palms, Dahlia, Sweet Sorghum etc.

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