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Proper Crop Selection for Arid or Dryland Agriculture
Proper Crop Selection for Arid or Dryland Agriculture

Proper Crop Selection for Arid or Dryland Agriculture

3. Topography and Soil Properties

Similarly, topographic characteristics of the area where you wish to carry out agriculture activities like elevation, terrain and slope should be examined. Inspection of chemical and physical properties of the soil like color, organic matter content, texture, fertility status and pH will help in selection of right crop for your farmland

4. Water Availability

As far as water is concerned, its regular and timely supply is of critical importance. As arid agriculture depends mainly on rain fall for water, establishing infrastructure for rain water harvesting is a beneficial approach to cater water requirements in dryland farming. If farmer has financial freedom and underground water situation is fine, digging a well is the best option.

5. Market Accessibility

Accessibility has a two way relation. First is the access to the market to get farm inputs to carry out agricultural activities. And second is the marketing of crops from farm gate to the market. These two factors affect a great deal while selecting appropriate crop in arid agriculture. For example, if you choose to cultivate fruits or vegetables, the roads should be good. This is because; fruits and vegetables need immediate selling in the market due to their short life span. In case of agronomic crops like Wheat, Rice or Sugarcane, a rough road structure with long distance will decrease the profit margin of farmer.

6. Crop Adaptability

A small survey from the neighboring farmers or a local Agriculture Extension office should be visited while choosing crop. This will help in getting valuable information regarding probability of success or failure of growing certain crops in that area of your choice.

7. Available Technology

The technology for growing your preferred crop should be established and available easily. This will help in its easy learning and application. In arid agriculture, technology can make a huge difference when it comes to earn profit. This technology is of any type that is, from sowing perspective to harvesting perspective.

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Introduction In Arid Agriculture or dryland farming systems, selection of proper crop is critical to generate healthy revenue. For selection of appropriate crop for your farm, there are numerous factors to be considered before actually entering into farming business. While farmers of irrigated land may select their crops on the basis of profitability, a dryland or arid farmer has to select appropriate crop considering two factors. These are Adaptability in arid environment Profitability Thus an arid farmer has a lot on stake when it comes to farming. Any deviation in regular pattern of rainfall can bring loss to farmer’s investment.…

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